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Maximize your traffic and income with Facebook

If you've been struggling to generate premium traffic to your website, it's not your fault.

In fact, you're one of many who spend countless hours trying to build targeted campaigns, just to bring in a few new sales each day.

From pouring through their sales page code, desperately trying to optimize their pages for the search engines, to spending hours after hours trying to build backlinks, people are STILL struggling to generate fresh leads and quality traffic to their site.

But it doesn't have to be so difficult, and for those that know the powerful strategy to infiltrating Facebook and generating massive exposure to their landing pages and websites, it's nothing short of "child's play".

How would you like to be able to tap into a massive database of targeted, active customers and generate as much exposure for your business as you could ever want - for virtually ZERO upfront cost?

And what would you do if you were given an "all access pass" to the Internet's largest community where you could instantly pinpoint profitable new markets, gauge the profitability of niches and gather valuable intelligence that will help you instantly skyrocket your income - and you could do it all in ONE place?

Facebook not only gives you the upper hand advantage over your competition, but they put you in direct contact with thousands of targeted prospects, hungry buyers and active leads!

And the greatest thing about this unbelievable opportunity, is that you can start exploiting this targeted source of traffic right now, even if you have a very limited budget or virtually ZERO experience in marketing!

So, how do you get started?

"Facebook DOLLAR eBook!"

Chances are, you already have a Facebook account, just like the other 500 million people who log into their Facebook profiles every day to check out what people are up to.

In fact, nearly half of the world's Internet population are part of this social media giant, and its growth shows no sign of stopping soon, as it's grown by over 200 million users in the last year alone.

So, if you really want to generate mass exposure for your online business, and compete, head-on with the most successful businesses in your market, then there's no way around it - you NEED to harness the power of this mammoth source of premium traffic and laser targeted leads!

Forget about expensive pay-per-click marketing, or tedious, time consuming article marketing strategies from years ago. While there are hundreds of other ways that you could generate traffic to your website, there is no other way to do it at this level.

I'm talking about MASS SCALE advertising, where your website is literally flooded with quality traffic 24 hours a day. You could set up a single campaign, walk away for weeks and it would still continue to pump out premium traffic 24 hours a day!

It's not only the fastest way to skyrocket your online income, but it's the easiest way!

From the last year alone, Facebook has proven to over-deliver on quality advertising options, and once you master this traffic beast, you will finally be able to push your website to a whole new level.

Imagine having your website seen by millions of people throughout the Facebook community. Imagine being able to create highly customized, TAILOR MADE advertisements that are triggered to appear only to the most targeted, active customer possible.

You'll never pay for useless clicks or visits again. No more fueling an advertising account with hundreds, or thousands of dollars only to discover that very few clicks actually resulted in leads, or sales!

Not only can you begin to generate unlimited traffic from Facebook through it's advertising channels, but you can also build shockingly powerful "ad pages" absolutely free!

And if you're still on the fence, wondering if your business really needs Facebook, check out some recent facts about this monstrous social empire:

FACT #1 - Facebook Is The Leader In Social Media

Facebook receives more traffic than ANY other social media website! In fact, it ranks right along with Google as receiving the most visitors every day!

FACT #2 - Facebook Has The Largest Audience

Not only does Facebook receive the most traffic out of all the social media websites, but it has the largest database of members, surpassing 500 MILLION users in late 2010!

FACT #3 - Facebook Marketing Is Drop Dead Easy

One of the main reasons that entrepreneurs struggle to generate traffic to their websites is because they simply don't understand HOW it's done. With Facebook, you can set up a high powered campaign in less than 15 minutes AND you can create a viral-based fan page in under 30 (absolutely FREE!)

FACT #4 - Facebook Marketing Is Affordable

We all know that PPC (pay per click) marketing can be incredibly expensive and risky but with Facebook, you can create highly targeted ads that appear ONLY when YOU want them to, putting you in full control over your advertising!

When you know how to exploit Facebooks massive outreach and popularity, you will never again struggle to generate traffic to your website OR build a brand in your market - it will all be done for you, quickly, easily and at an unbelievably low cost!

So, the question is - - how can YOU start making money and generating unlimited traffic to your website through the Facebook community?

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Step Strategy for Making Money with Your Facebook Account

In just a few minutes, you are about to find out the little known secrets to turning your facebook account into a recurring income generating asset that the gurus don't want you to know about!

Facebook has over 500 million users, of which 50% are daily users, a site that people connect on, share on, sell on, heck even make movies about! Most industry insiders think that Facebook gets more targeted traffic than the Big G itself! Google.

Facebook is now the single largest site on the net and the most savvy internet marketers are using it to rake in MASSIVE PROFITS...every single day!

Facebook loves marketers and they are already out there taking advantage of the targeted traffic power of Facebook to flood their own sites piggybacking off the hundreds of millions of users every day.
So while you may be using Facebook daily for playing games, talking with friends, giving status updates and joining groups, uploading photos, videos and events, YOUR marketing competition is using social media to drive hoards of keenly targeted visitors to their sites and are making huge piles of money.

Here, I would like to share a 10 step strategy with you for making money with your Facebook account.

Step 1: Understand the Social Media Marketing
A lot of people are confused by the term “social media marketing” or SMM and believe that it is only advertising on a social networking site, where networks monitor what users are doing and place ads next to them, hoping they will get a click. However, social media marketing is actually about different kinds of collaborations between people and finding ways that individual fans of a particular brand product or even a company can endorse it themselves on various social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and others.

Step 2: Realize the Power of Facebook
No social network can match Facebook’s current momentum or broad inter-national customer adoption. It hosts a range of social applications and has been the market leader in social media since April 2008. Currently Facebook has more than 500 million active users, 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day, average user has 130 friends and people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. While Facebook does not disclose specific financial information, the company earns money from sponsored advertising, self-serve advertising, and virtual gifts. Microsoft took a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook for $240 million in late 2007, and the two companies continue to work together on syndicated advertising opportunities through Microsoft adcenter. A healthy developer ecosystem has been created around Facebook, although the third-party developer craze was lessened somewhat by a series of restrictions placed on developers after early applications propagated too many messages through user profiles and news feeds.

News paper circulation rates are in decline, and most television ads aren’t profitable. Facebook has a far larger audience than old media. That alone has been enough to convince some that it’s the perfect place to try a new marketing plan. If you need more incentive, consider the huge amount of personal information that users give the site and, therefore, advertisers. Facebook provides brands with new ways to target ads more effectively than ever before. The best part? All of this information has been volunteered by users. In many cases, they have actively opted into more targeted advertising by “liking” ads or allowing Facebook to share their data with select external sites and partners.

Step 3: Get Know Who are Using Facebook
Before selecting product or service for Facebook marketing, it is important that you first identify your target market. Target markets and ways that you can connect with them are explored in-depth in online marketing courses. The following demographic and geographic report will definitely help you to identify your target market. You will get Facebook User Demographic and Geographic Report from

Step 4: Select your Product or Service
Selecting your product or service for facebook marketing is a decision making subject.
While there are literally thousands of affiliate programs online, we're only interested in the ones that offer the highest commission payouts. We want to be able to see our campaigns driving in cash every single day, without having to wait for any minimal payout requirements, or being forced into selling hundreds of products in order to generate a few thousand dollars a month.
Instead, we're going to take a refreshing approach and focus only on the highest paying offers because we know that the more money you earn from each sale, the fewer sales you'll actually need in order to generate a decent pay check.

Step 5: Create an Awesome Facebook Profile
Besides the fact that you need at least a barebones Profile to set up any marketing effort on Facebook, you can also use your Profile as a sort of sand box for trying out different Facebook applications and features. Creating your own Profile will help you understand Profiles from a user perspective. You need to know what user see, do, like, and dislike on the site in order to know what works (and what doesn’t) in the world of Facebook marketing. Visit getting FREE resources creating your awesome profile.

Think about your client. If you were a prospective client of your business, what would you like to see on a profile? Be thorough and truthful, but keep your prospects in mind. There are some things your clients don’t need to know, and other things they should know – remember, this is a business profile. Include those aspects of yourself that coincide with your business intent.

Step 6: Buid a Sticky Facebook Fan Page and Optimized It
A facebook page is key to most social media marketing strategies and will more than likely be the central point for most of your efforts and promotions. Twitter is great for quick updates, but to get the full story, user usually need to click elsewhere. A facebook page allows you to provide both in one place, while also offering full customization and a variety of interaction. You can use Facebook tabs in lieu of landing pages on your actual websites or affiliate links, because tabs have more built-in social functionality, are easy to update, and are especially helpful for running contests and promotions. But even if you foresee offering giveaways through tabs, you should still invest some serious setup time in page customization. Build your Page for success the first time around by populating it with lots of optimized content and developing a content strategy to keep it fresh. You can spend as much or as little time as you can afford updating and maintaining the Page, and your time input will vary as your goals and use of the Page fluctuate. If you fill out the page completely and make it interesting and engaging early in, however, it’s easier to take some time off later.

Optimize Your Fan Page: Optimizing your Page begins with setup and continues throughout your Facebook marketing strategy. Below few tips below will help you start your Page on the right path and enable you to better optimize later through content and design.
-> Pick a descriptive Page name and URL
-> Fill out the Info section completely
-> Use the About box
-> Cross-promote your content
-> Encourage engagement
-> Keep content flowing

These tips will help you optimize your Page during setup. To keep it up to date, ranking highly, and attracting new members, however, you also need an ongoing content strategy.

Step 7: Promote Your Facebook Fan Page
You’ve set up your FAN Page and created a custom tab, and optimized content is flowing. Now it’s time to promote your page and convince people to like it. The best promotions incorporate a combination of paid, organic, and incentive offers. Try to use all three; just make sure your page is ready to be unveiled before you start asking people to join.
To Get the Free Ways to Market on Facebook CLICK HERE

Step 8: Create Facebook Group
Facebook Groups are often set by fans of a brand, as is the case with the extremely popular Coke bottle Groups that exclaim how much better a bottle is than a can. Groups are much faster and easier to create than Pages, which is why many fans are quick to set them up, but they also offer less functionality. Most of your Facebook marketing efforts should stem from a Facebook Page; Pages are the official channel for brands to reach consumers, as determined by Facebook. Over all they offer more functionally and better opportunities to interact with members. As a marketing tool, a Group is better option when: Time is a factor. Groups are helpful for time-sensitive initiatives that need to reach critical mass quickly. In a global Group member can send bulk invites to his friends, which can be helpful for viral marketing. Beware of over using this feature, however, as those invites may be perceived as SPAM.
Get to Know When You Will Create a Group visit

Step 9: Use Facebook Events
Using facebook’s Event function, you can invite users to any event, be it real or virtual. Events are great for rallying Page members around a timely happening, whether it is a sale, movie opening, menu revamp, or new product lunch, Plus, because Events have a dedicated tab on your page, Page members can easily see what you’re up to. Events are quick and easy to set up, perfect for creating quick response to a time-sensitive issue. This makes them a no-brainer for inclusion in your Facebook marketing strategy. On the flip side, they are also easy enough for anyone else to make, leaving a lot of Event clutter on the site. This makes it harder (but not impossible) to use Facebook Events effectively. You just need a little extra effort to make your Event stand out.
Get to Know When to Use an Event visit

Step 10: Measure Your Success Using Analytics of Facebook
As with any marketing efforts, closely tracking the success of Facebook marketing is extremely important not only to justify your investment but also to improve your future work. Facebook itself includes a robust analytics platform know as Insights, which allows you to gather information about your Pages, applications, and ads. You should also be aware of how your Facebook marketing campaigns are affecting the performance of your properties outside of Facebook.

You’ve got an overview action plan to get started, and I recommend starting off with one affiliate product that has demand and you know the target user and then follow the simple steps introduced here to market that product, so that it will generate targeted traffic for you a multitude of different ways. Not only is this the easiest way to begin generating prime traffic that will drive in commission payments, but it’s also the most affordable strategy for getting started quickly and without having to invest a lot of money in Facebook.

Discover How You Can Generate Unlimited Targeted Traffic And Skyrocket Your Income With Facebook DOLLAR!

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Facebook Page Optimization Tips

Optimizing your Page begins with setup and continues throughout your Facebook marketing strategy. The tips below will help you start your Page on the right path and enable you to better optimize later through content and design.

Pick a descriptive page name and URL.
Choose a good Page name (usually your brand name or tagline) and encourage 25 people to like the Page quickly in order to secure your vanity URL. This URL will  be in the form of, so choose something easy to remem-ber and closely tied to your brand.

Fill out the Info section completely.
Make sure you take your time and choose the right category for your Page. The  category you choose affects what and how much you can add to the Info tab.  Fill out the Info section completely, and use a lot of keywords. Also add all of yourrelated websites, including your blog, online store, and Twitter page.

Use the About box.
One of the most undervalued and overlooked features of a Facebook Page is that little box on the left, below the Page’s picture. Prominently displayed on the Wall  tab, this box is a great place to add keywords to quickly signal what your Page is  about to both users and search engines. Plus, you can add a clickable link. Just be careful not to exceed the box’s 250-character limit.

These tips will help you optimize your Page during setup. To keep it up to date,  ranking highly, and attracting new members, however, you also need an ongoing  content strategy.